Efficiency and CCS

wellmet-themes-eff-ccs-300x280Global adoption of “best available technologies” would give a significant improvement in energy, and therefore carbon, efficiency in primary metals industries – particularly because asset costs are high, so assets are replaced only infrequently. In addition, many novel technology developments giving improved efficiency have been identified, for instance in the 2007 IPCC report. The analysis of this scenario, based on improving efficiency, aims to give a detailed and realistic assessment of the potential carbon emissions savings that can be achieved by the sector.

In parallel, the incumbent primary industry is currently lobbying extensively for funding to support the application of carbon sequestration to primary metals production. WellMet2050 will monitor this development closely, and provide independent assessment of the impacts and costs of sequestration. Our current assessment is that even universal global implementation of carbon capture and storage to all primary metals facilities will not give a sufficient reduction in emissions, due to the energy required to convert crude metal into finished products.