WellMet, a five year project with a team of seven people, aims to identify and validate all means to halve, by 2050, global carbon emissions from the production of steel and aluminium goods while demand doubles. The project funded by the UK’s EPSRC Leadership Fellowship scheme, comprises a team of seven people working for up to five years, backed by £1.5m of government funding and a consortium of 20 global companies. We are evaluating all existing options for carbon emissions reduction, including ongoing energy efficiency and carbon sequestration. We are also looking at options for material efficiency – using less metal to deliver the same service – for instance by doubling the life of products, using less material to deliver the same service, or substituting other materials. In addition, we are looking for opportunities to make radical reductions in energy requirements by developing new process routes. The work combines economic and physical modelling, technology development and demonstration, and continuous industrial dialogue built around a portfolio of case studies. Throughout the project, the work will be made available through the knowledge map on these pages.